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a0769fec-b50a-4c44-9366-2157d8172342I am a lifelong Pennsylvania resident.  The outdoors has been a lifelong passion for of mine.   I was introduced to fishing at a very young age and my love for it has only grown throughout the years.  I am completely enamored and obsessed with fly fishing.  As such I have become an avid fly fisherman and fly tier, and thoroughly enjoy pursuing trout on the many streams and rivers of my  home state.

I spent many years on the Lehigh River as a whitewater rafting guide.  While I no longer spend my summer days guiding trips down the Lehigh, those experiences provided me with some of my fondest memories.

When I am not roaming around the Pennsylvania wilderness searching for new adventures, I spend my time working as a lawyer and college baseball coach in Pennsylvania.fall-bow-1

Please feel free to leave comments, likes, and share posts!  Afterwards, head out to your local waters and try your hand at some buggy whippin’!


-Robert Fravel


13 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thanks for following our blog. We used to reside in PA and spent many a day hiking, running, biking and snowshoeing in the Valley Forge National Park. Be well and all the best to your and your future endeavors!


  2. Nice to be in contact. You found the blog where I write about photography. If you browsed beyond my latest article you’d have noticed that I only discuss photography. I hope thats what you were looking for.
    I have started to wander through your posts about fishing and being an outdoorsman. and I expect I’l be back often as I get to know you.
    I’ll mention that I live in very rural British Columbia, and out the front door of my log home is forest.


  3. Thanks for following my blog (troutbumm.in) – looks like you have some beautiful streams back East. I was in Philadelphia for a conference in December and was wondering about trout in the state. Keep up the good posts 🙂


  4. Thanks for following my blog. I got into fly fishing about ten years ago and love it. I enjoy taking my kids out fishing, but haven’t yet gotten them into fly fishing. We enjoy spending time outdoors together.


  5. Very cool, we share many of the same passions. I am here next door in Ohio but our fly fishing opportunities are quite limited. I’ll enjoy following your adventures.


    1. Thanks. If you live in the eastern part of Ohio, might be worth a weekend trip Allegheny NF in western PA (I’ve been dying to get out there but it’s about a 6.5 hr drive from where I live in eastern PA). Great job on your blog as well!


      1. I live just outside Columbus in the central part of the state. It would be several hours for me to get there too but I’ll look into it. I’m always up for a road trip. Can you recommend a camp ground that I could use as a basecamp?

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  6. I don’t know any campgrounds in the National Forest, but I have spend a good deal of time camping and fishing in nearby Elk state forest (Benezette, PA). That might be a good place to set up camp for a few days. The streams there are full of brown and brook trout, and you’ll probably have some elk in camp every evening!


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